We have selected for you the best natural brands. All the methods used share the natt philosophy: non-invasive, neither aggressive, respectful with the environment and with surprising results.

In addition, all the products we use are for sale so you can take them home.

Based on Ayurveda, this line of hair and cosmetic products embodies a healing tradition originally from India. The products contain natural ingredients (more than 50% of their molecules are from plants, non-petroleum minerals or other natural sources such as water). Aveda supports the preservation of local ecosystems and natural habitats.

Hair line inspired by the same philosophy as that for skin care (Skincare for your hair). Sulfate and paraben free. Its powerful antioxidants help to counteract the harmful effects that permanent coloring or environmental pollution can cause on hair. Its range of products offers maximum natural quality.

Luxury natural cosmetics. Line based on the benefits of thermal waters, the purity of the Swiss glacier waters and a wise and delicate combination of natural active ingredients. Free of mineral oils; lanolin; parabens; alcohol; PABA; formaldehyde; chemical pesticides and toxic herbicides and without artificial coloring.

Natt - Philip Martin's

Philip Martin’s is an Italian company that creates hair and skin care products based on an organic, natural and bio-compatible philosophy.
The products are made with botanical ingredients of natural and organic origin in order to offer great efficiency and maximum attention to all customers, collaborators and the environment. They use bio-compatible sourced ingredients combines with research on quality wellness and non-toxic chemical substances.

A luxury cosmetics brand, Pevonia uses organic ingredients in the elaboration of its formulas. Originally, the inspiration came from the peony flower, which in ancient Greece was used to adorn the gods. Today, research continues to discover and apply the best extracts of both terrestrial and marine plants.